1 Inch:Half Mile

For Grasscut's first album I wanted to find a way to connect the music to the landscape it was written in and about. We decided on transposing the album onto the landscape by fashioning a walk, lasting the duration of the album and with the album's secret track hidden at the end on a walkman in a hollow tree. 

The songs on the album were written about a variety of places, so we had to find somewhere that suited the character of the album rather than matching the tracks literally. In the end we settled on Balsdean valley, hidden in the downs outside Brighton. It is a strange, isolated place with a history running back a long way. It was once the home to farmsteads and a Norman chapel, but was requisitioned by the army during the Second World War for gunnery practice and shelled off the face of the earth.

The album includes a map outlining the route which was also available as a download to accompany the digital release. The album was released on Ninja Tune – one of my favourite labels growing up – and designing it was a rare delight. 

The hidden track that only existed on a casette inside a tree in Balsdean valley was eventually released and is probably my favourite track from the album. You can listen to it on YouTube here.