For the second Grasscut album we expanded on the idea of hidden cassette players used for 1 Inch:Half Mile. Each track on the album had a strong association to a place or environment, so we set about drawing up a map of the ten locations, spread across England and Wales, while Andrew started working on an alternative version of the album re-imaginings each of the album tracks. Every alternative track be hidden along with its album counterpart at one of our chosen locations inside a walkman. In the booklet that accompanied the album we supplied a map and GPS coordinate for each of the locations, and for more than a year this was the only way to hear the alternative versions of the tracks; there was a single copy of the alternative album spread across the land as ten casettes.

In the run up to Unearth, I hadn't yet started taking photographs, but it was clear that we wanted a set of images taken at each location, so we embarked on two huge roadtrips encompassing each of the locations, to hide the walkmans and take a photograph. Photographer Will Cooper Mitchell shot using only pinhole photographs, and we ended up with a set of ten which I used for both the cover and booklet that accompanied the album.